Champions of KJI and KBGI 2019

You can download the recapitulation results and the names of KJI and KBGI 2019 winners

Recapitulation of Champions KJI 2019 Recapitulation of Champions KBGI 2019

Finalist KJI and KBGI 2019

Acceptance of Indonesian bridge competition proposals (KJI-XV) and Indonesian building competitions (KBGI-XI)



Jembatan Indonesia

The Indonesia Bridge Competition (KJI) is the annual competition for college students in designing and developing a scaled-model bridge. This is the most prestigious civil engineering competition in the national level under the Kemenristekdikti (Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education) program.....

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Kompetisi Bangunan Gedung Indonesia

The Indonesia Building Competition (KBGI - I) began in 2009 and was conducted altogether with KJI - V. Like the KJI, KBGI is also the annual competition that challenges college students in designing and constructing a miniature model of multi storey building. The idea came out that a building should be able to withstand when the earthquake took place. In addition to that, the enviromental friendly of structural material such as cold-formed steel has been....

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